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Replacement roof glazing systems

Whether you need to replace your broken glass and/or old glazing bars, PCS can provide expert services to both commercial and industrial clients.

We can assist with:

Broken glass
We provide renewal of broken glass and defective glazing bars, repairs to individual areas and complete renewal.

Replacement glazing systems

Complete replacement of old glazing with new GRP sheeting, single skin or double skinned applications.

Georgian wired glass and Twinwall polycarbonate replacement
Broken glass can be replaced like for like with new Georgian wire cast glass, fitted to the existing glazing bars. Additionally, it can be replaced with a 10mm thickness Twinwall polycarbonate sheeting. Again, this is fitted to the existing bars, all sealed and mechanically secured in place. The polycarbonate sheeting is impact resistant and can be used where vandal damage is common.

Glass substitutes
Plastic products are available, which are made as a direct replacement for the old glass. The plastic is the same thickness and strength, has good light transmission and fits directly into the old bar system.

We also supply and fit:

  • New louvered ventilators
  • New dome lights
  • Lantern lights
  • Single, double and triple skins
  • New bases if required

We aim to exceed our customers' expectations through our punctuality, professionalism and reliability.

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