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Roof sheeting, repairs and renewals

Choose our roof sheeting services for fast, reliable renewal or repairs of your pitched roofing. Using composite materials and built up systems, we can quickly and efficiently renew or restore your existing application.

From complete renewal of roof sheeting and vertical cladding to over-sheeting with insulation, our experienced team have the skills to carry out all aspects of roofing repairs. We pride ourselves on our exceptional services, always completing your project on time and within budget.

PCS safely dispose of all asbestos roof coverings in line with current Health and Safety regulations. We will then supply you with the necessary documentation to confirm this.

Our roof repairs and renewals include:

Stripping of old asbestos cement roof coverings and re-sheeting in profiled PVC Plastisol coated steel, painted steel sheeting (agricultural specification) mill finish aluminium, painted finish aluminium and fibre cement sheeting.


Vertical cladding
Cladding is fitted horizontally and vertically, using new composite materials. We can fit micro-rib products, specialist flashings, bull nose details, curved details and polyester powder coated finishes.

Over-Sheeting Roof & Vertical Areas
When it is impractical to strip old roofing, it can be over-sheeted. As there is no need to remove the old roofing, it causes minimum disruption to the building as no parts are exposed to the weather during installation. There are also various types of profiled metal sheeting and finishes available.

Over-Sheeting Including Insulation
During over-sheeting works on roofing or vertical areas, insulation can be added to the construction. This ensures that the application meets current building requirements.

Roof sheeting and roof renovation using:

  • Composite materials
  • Built up systems
  • Standing seam systems
  • Low pitch secret fix systems
Sheeting & Roof Repairs in Harlow

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