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Translucent roof sheeting and roof light systems

We provide sheeting replacement, alongside new GRP overlays and upgrades. So if you're looking to recondition your roofing, why not contact PCS today?

Looking for translucent sheeting services?

Translucent sheeting (single skin applications)
Translucent sheeting often becomes dirty, brittle and distorted over time, letting little natural light into buildings. Replacing such sheeting will reduce the need for artificial lighting and prevent the leaks often associated with older products. It will allow natural light back into the building, which in turn will improve your working environment.


Translucent sheeting replacement (double skin factory assembled roof lights)
Factory assembled roof lights are available, formed with a GRP box on the inner face. The boxes are made to specific depths to match the existing internal lining systems.

Double skinned roof light systems (independent inner and outer skins)
Some roof applications have a single skin outer sheet and an independent inner skin as part of a site-assembled double skin construction. The outer skin can be replaced but the inner skin is inaccessible. Often we can replace the outer skin and clean the upper face of the inner skin. This process usually gives a good result once the new outer sheeting is installed and the cleaning has taken place.

Overlaying defective roof sheets with new GRP
Old asbestos roof sheets often split and crack. When these cracks extend to a certain size, the asbestos needs to be replaced. Replacement of an old asbestos sheet can be expensive, as the old sheeting needs to be removed as hazardous waste.
Alternatively, new GRP sheeting can be fitted over the asbestos. Installed with suitable laps, this will effectively seal the old sheet, preventing further damage. The thickness of the GRP used is dependant on the extent of the damage and structural support required.

We also upgrade and repair existing GRP

GRP Roof Repairs (to match old asbestos profiled sheets)
As many asbestos roof sheet profiles are obsolete, roof repairs can be extremely difficult. GRP sheeting can be used as a direct replacement for the old profiles, with an extensive range of sheeting available. Again, the GRP can be manufactured to various thicknesses to suit the required profiles ad purlin spacing.

Upgrading old GRP Translucent sheeting
The outer gel coating of old GRP sheeting can weather away, leaving the internal fibres exposed and prone to the build up of dirt. Giromax 'Delglaze' coating can replace this weathered gel, extending the life of your existing GRP.

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